FrameBuilder-MRD Machine Ready Designer for SketchUp.

The Most Affordable Comprehensive Light Steel Framing Designer.

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Features & Overviews

FrameBuilder-MRD offers a comprehnsive set of tools and modules to make LSF design and construction a breeze Design Structures, Costing and Invoicing and Generate Machine CNC files instantly.


Draw different style walls, joists, beams and roof trusses.

Layout Documents

Generate Layout document on the fly.

Panel Documents

Generate Panel Documents


Assembly Pack

Generate Assembly Diagrams for individual components and the entire structure

Generate CNC Files

Output Machine files for popular machines such as Howick and FrameMac roll formers

Generate Invoicing and Bill of Materials

Quickly design and generate estimate in minutes


Fast and Accurate

FrameBuilder-MRD allows you to draw and cost entire light steel frame structures in minutes. What you draw is what you get. Designers can design and generate CNC machine files, ready for the manufacturers.

This generates more business for the manufacturer and has many advantages.

  • Affordability of FrameBuilder-MRD will introduce more designers into the market.
  • Allow more leads through different sectors
  • Architects and draughtsmen not familiar with Light Steel Construction can now get their feet wet in the light steel framing market without paying an arm and a leg for design software
  • The core foundation of SketchUp coupled with FrameBuilder-MRD gives the designer a powerful design tool with unlimited design capabilities
  • Expanding opportunities in developing countries


With FrameBuilder-MRD you now can consider LSF as an option over conventional building methods. Time and Cost savings equal more opportunities.

  • Owner Builders can design and cost their next alteration or renovation in minutes
  • 3D rendering in SketchUp with FrameBuilder-MRDs What you Draw, What you Get platform gives you many advantages
  • Panel and Assembly Documents generated in FrameBuilder-MRD will make construction a breeze
  • Reference drawings for the engineers and council submission
  • Affordable pricing. Pay for when you need to use it.
  • Compatible with SketchUp's Make 2017(Free Version)

More Awesome Features

FrameBuilder-MRD has features to make detailing light steel frame structures quick and easy

Trace a Floor Plan

Easily Trace a floor plan and generate walls in seconds

Easily customizable Machine File Templates

Machine run file templates can be easily adapted to different machine file formats.

3D Video Presentation

Wow your clientele, using SketchUp's powerful 3D video recording features.

FrameBuilder-MRD. Machine Ready Designer. Designs Ready to Roll.

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